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DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015

EAC Zertifizierung




Auftraggeber KUSTAN Umwelttechnik GmbH
Middle East Battery Company, Saudi Arabien
Leistungen Detailengineering:
zentrale Signalerfassung, Automatisierung mit Allen Bradley Compact Logix, Visualisierung Panel View+ 1000, Anwendersoftware (mit Partner)


Realisierung 2008

The Middle East Battery Company (MEBCO) is the largest lead acid battery manufacturer in the Arab World beginning production in January 1998 and have produced over 8 million units of ACDelco automotive batteries for American, Japanese, Korean, and European models. MEBCO also offers a full line of ACDelco Industrial, Heavy Duty and Marine Batteries. MEBCO is located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and distributes to the entire GCC region, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Jordan. Furthermore, MEBCO sells ‘Delphi’ branded batteries to France and the Far East and ‘ACDelco’ branded batteries to the USA and Africa.
MEBCO is proud to be a Saudi company with a 50% Saudi workforce. MEBCO also maintains the highest quality standards being QS-9000 & ISO14001 certified since 1998. MEBCO has also become ISO TS 16949 certified as of December 2004. MECO is also ISO 14001 Certified i.e. environmentally friendly.
ACDelco Maintenance Free Batteries are 100% maintenance free which means you ‘install it and forget it ’. These batteries NEVER need water or Acid as they are SEALED and cannot be tampered with. They offer a much longer life than the average battery sold in the Middle East market today using state of the art quality processes and the best material ensuring a long life. They are engineered especially for the hot climate of the Middle East and are produced in the region for the region providing the freshest possible product. Finally, ACDelco stands behind the product with a 12-month international warranty throughout the Middle East.

Quelle: MEBCO, Middle East Battery Company

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